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Selenis Zea is the main protagonist of the comic.

She is a clone, or rather one of a long line of clones.

The original Selenis was a scientist who set up a secret cloning facility on an uninhabited planet.

But the cloning-tech is not perfect...

She can be hired as an Bounty-Hunter / Assassin.

Early in the story she is hired by Solvan Mar to catch/kill Vero Plank.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Selenis Zea except as a middle-aged scientist who was experimenting on cloning techniques, which her ruthless personality was emphasized through the termination of the first clone despite having displayed human personality. Many decades, even centuries, have passed with her clones lengthening her lifespan even to the point where her youthful appearance baffled many of those who knew her decades ago. During the course of her long life, Selenis also saved Margrave's life fifty years ago . Her occupation mainly involved assassination, capturing targets, or locating Perriman's technology.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to Ben Chamberlain, Selenis Zea sterilized her clones as preventative measure on complications brought on by possibly having children or pregnancy.
  • Currently, Selenis is at 37th clone, discounting her 38th clone's death.

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